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The Radvent
(formerly AMICI)
Lung Ventilation product line is coming back…

Radvent Swirler
Radvent Swirler

Swirler® Aerosol System

An Aerosol Drug Delivery System that is “Precisely Alveolar”! The Swirler’s patented air-flow design utilizes shear forces to create efficient atomization. This technology increases the delivery of droplets having the desired size (0.5 to 1.5 microns) to assure a more rapid coating of the alveoli.

Radvent UltraShield


The Swirler UltraShield® is injection molded of a Tungsten formulation to conform to the shape of the Swirler Aerosol System. This new material and process makes the combination light in weight while maintaining desirable Lead Equivalent shielding.

Radvent TruFit

TRU-FIT™ Mouthpiece

The natural contour and pleasant vanilla scent provide total patient comfort while allowing visibility of obstructions and patient cooperation. The TRU-FIT mouthpiece is compatible with any round shaped 22mm OD(male) adapter fitting and all mouthpiece styles can be used in conjunction with the 2000 noseclips.

International Isotopes, Inc. has Acquired the AMICI, Inc. Product Line

We are excited to announce that we have acquired the AMICI product line. We will be relaunching these revolutionary products under the new RadVent brand in early 2024. Check back often for updates and follow us on LinkedIn.

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